Saturday, 6 March 2010

common facts about affiliate programmes

The days have become very much popularized with the affiliate programs that are available. These programs are nothing but the jobs that fetch residual income to the people. The residual income is indirect income to the people. This is so because one need not strain that much to earn the money. One such types of residual income are letting a property or a house of one's own for rent and getting income through it. This is a kind of residual income. The main specialty of these programs are that they do not require any sort of age criteria for the people to earn.

Even retired people can get income through this sort residual income or affiliate programs. There are many such affiliate programs that are available online. But one a few remain to be the best free online affiliate program. Yes, you may wonder free online affiliate program? It may seem to be weird but is cent percent true. The main purpose of making it free is to sale of the products some how to the customer and make it familiar amongst the people and gain money through the products that they sell out.

This affiliate program thus plays a very big major role in the development of business of the people and fetches a lot of money to the people. According to the census that is taken it is known that nearly millions of dollars are being invested in the residual income sector for such type of affiliate programs to earn a lot. It is easier to get into such type of affiliate networks and start earning through it.

The thing, the affiliate network that one has planned to get into should be very much trustworthy and should not deceive people at any cost because it is life that matters and not the money. Hence one has to think before getting into such networks and be careful in taking the right decision at the right time.

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Thursday, 22 October 2009

If you are a net savvy person then you must have heard about online income sources. Affiliate marketing is such a source. It is one of the best source on internet to earn money online with little effort.

What is affiliate marketing? It is a way where we sell other people's products and services by displaying them on our own websites and blogs. When we sell those merchant's products through our site we get a particular amount of commission which is already set by the product owner.

There are some merchants who provide us a microsite when we register for their affiliate program. For such affiliate sites we do not even need a website. So if you are not having a website then no worries you can use such merchant services to sell products.

How to sell more and more products?

When you are associated with various merchant services in Internet marketing and while you are planning to earn money with Internet marketing then it is very important that you get the right traffic to increase the sells. You should promote your site in the right direction, your target visitors should be very relevant, if you are positioned on a good position on search engines then chances are that you will get relevant traffic but if your site is not well positioned in search engines then you need to make efforts towards getting the search engine rankings first. Because only search engine is the way that can give you the relevant visitors.

Some pros of affiliate marketing:

* Earn money on less expense
* Be creative and show your skills of marketing
* Monetize your existing website
* Choose the best one for your website
* Less time effort
* No hard work all you need is hard work
* Anytime you can withdraw any program
* Today when people are switching over to online shopping affiliate marketing is a good step ahead for your business.

Cons of Affiliate Marketing:

* You do not have the ownership for these products
* You will get money only if the product sells
* You do not have any patent right for any product
* You have to be bound with merchant policies Internet

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Wednesday, 23 September 2009

How to generate traffic to your site

Do you know how to get web traffic? How do you generate enough traffic to your sites to become successful? What does it take and how long will it take?

Web traffic can at first be a frustrating thing. Many people out there read all the literature on how easy it is to drive traffic to their sites. They read how all this people are having huge successes with their products and sites. But, when they attempt to get their own traffic they fail. They follow all the steps, yet they come up short. Why?

Traffic building is a game; it takes strategy and time to develop. Sure there are many instant methods of traffic generation, Pay-per-click, banner ads, ezines and so forth. How do you get the good target traffic and get it for free?

There are a number of proven system in which people can follow and invest. MLM Traffic Formula2 is one of the leaders in this area. Teaching a plethora of traffic generating methods. The key point to keep in mind is targeted free traffic will not occur instantly. It will take time to build. You have to follow the systems set in place to ensure success.

There are a number of methods that you can begin to use immediately to start seeing results.
- Article marketing
- Blogs
- Viral videos
- Viral E Books
- Social bookmarking
- Forums

Each of these methods is free and each will produce results. The key to your success with these methods is consistency and persistence. It will take time to get your links out there. The web is a large place with a multitude of content. It will take time to build your presence and content.

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Strategies of succesful professinal bloggers

To become a successful professional blogger you need to spend time looking at what the experts already do and then model yourself on them. This doesn't mean you copy what they do but you build your own blog business, image and brand by following their strategies. This article outlines 10 key strategies that all successful professional bloggers will use.

This is very obvious but to become a professional blogger you will need a blog, but not just any blog, you need to create an easy to read, easy to navigate, optimized for the search engines blog. You will be spending time writing great content and it will all be a waste of time if no one can find you so take a look at your blog and begin to look for ways that you can get it to work better.

Here are the seven strategies of successful bloggers:

Becoming successful is all about mindset and the need to focus on staying motivated to succeed with a desire to achieve the goals they set. A professional blogger will have a vision of how their business will benefit their lifestyle and they will work towards achieving that vision, never giving up, especially when life becomes challenging.

They will see their blog as a business and understand the importance of planning ahead, knowing their target market, creating systems and working towards set goals and targets based upon where they want their business to take them.

Writing is important if you are to become a successful blogger. Not only watching for spell mistakes and checking grammar but also how you use words to suit your target market. Whether you use comedy in your writing, write with a professional tone or seek to be informal and easygoing. You need to write on a regular basis. It is recommended that if your blog is completely new that you blog every single day for the first four to six months to help yourself gain a presence in the search engines. It is my belief that during this time you shouldn't even think about how to make money blogging but should focus only on providing valuable content.

You need to get paid for blogging if you are going to become a professional blogger. After all those months of blogging valuable content you now need to think about earning an income either as a writer for other blogs or by monetizing your blog.

A professional blogger will understand the importance of building a list of subscribers through their blog. They will write free reports, eBooks or at least an ezine. Provide free software or find some way to give in order to build their subscriber base.

Leverage all the tools that are available, which means not only writing blog posts but also using audio and video, perhaps running teleseminars, being active on social networks and always staying on top of what is current in their own blogging niche in general but also in the blogging world in particular.

Build community. By authentically sharing about your life, your business, your niche, and/or your passion you are able to help people to achieve their goals. Many gurus have expressed the importance of getting what you want by helping others get it first and that will be a strong motivation for the professional blogger.

Becoming a successful blogger really is not difficult. It is all about knowing how to leverage the written word. The key to financial leverage is to get your money working for you. The key to leveraging the written word is to ensure you get the biggest impact from whatever you write across a worldwide audience.

Mindset of a blogger is a free eBook that will show you how to develop the mindset you need to successful run your own blog and make money blogging. Download your copy from If you are looking at becoming an authority blogger check out the training that is available from

Earn Money Through Your Blogg By having a Name List

Having a blog is one thing, and having it designed in such a way that people feel valued and important, is another.

Sure, having great content and exciting information on your site is one way to draw people to your blog, and then you hope they remember to bookmark your site to come back again.

But on the other hand it is always a better idea to make it as easy as possible for those people to come back again, and one way of doing this is to have the opportunity for them to sign up to your newsletter, or simply as a member to your blog.

Remembering that subscriptions make it easier to earn online income, you can construct your blog in such a way that people cannot comment or contribute unless they are members, and although this may not be suitable for every blog, it can certainly be suitable for some.

By having a "Subscribe Now" button on your blog, with the offer of maybe a free gift or something else of value that the normal visitor does not receive, you make it more appealing for the blog visitors to become members.

If they understand that they can unsubscribe at any time, and that you will not use their email details for spamming or passing on to others, many people will sign up. This is the very start of your relationship with your members, and it should be a great experience for them from this point forward.

With Auto Responders, and other email programs, some compatible with your blogging platforms as plugins, you can pre-program welcome messages, newsletters and other communication to go to your members at the touch of a button.

Sure they have RSS feeds and can subscribe to this feed via email, but having their permission to send information about other things you may be offering, and to communicate with them generally, takes you a step further in the process of being able to earn a good living from your blog.

Subscriptions make it easier to earn online income. In days gone by this same concept was used by many companies, particularly those who did and still do use "mail order" as a means to sell product. It is still as effective today, and easier to implement.

An email autoresponder is your greatest weapon to to make money from your blog and in fact, many of the professional bloggers who earn multiple six figure incomes from their blogs attribute the majority of their income to their email list!

To your success peter damian

Thursday, 6 August 2009

making money through affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a great way to profit from the Internet. It is whereby you promote other people products and get commissions when there is a sales generated from your marketing effort.

Nowadays, so many people are being involved in affiliate marketing, which sometime make it harder for new affiliate marketers to earn a substantial income from this marketing way. Nonetheless, there are some things that you can do to make you stand out from other affiliates, which will increase your affiliate earnings along the way:

1. Do not drive any traffic, drive targeted traffic. Many new affiliates think that by just sending any traffic to a site, there will be sales. In affiliate marketing, the quality of the traffic counts a lot. You need "ready buyers" to visit your marketing page, so that they are more likely to take action and buy through your page.

2. Do not drive traffic directly to your affiliate sales page. By sending traffic directly to the sales page, other than losing out on the chance to increase the popularity of your website, you will also have a lesser sales conversion rate. Therefore, it is advisable for you to set up a simple website to talk about the affiliate product that you are promoting. You can provide a honest review on your website before taking them to the actual sales page.

3. Have an opt-in list. You need to capture your visitors' information such as name and email address. People will usually not buy on their first visit to a website. Therefore, if you do not have an opt-in list that captures their information first, you will lose them forever when they do not buy over at your affiliate sales page.

4. Put in lots of effort. I know that this may sounds a bit too general and common sense, but you may be surprised that there are still a lot of people who think that affiliate marketing is a quick get-rich scheme. There is no such thing as easy money without putting in effort in this world. For affiliate marketing, your aim is to create as many exposures for your affiliate links as possible on the Internet. This require you to always seek out for new marketing strategies, "planting" links, coming out with creative business strategies, etc. All these require a great deal of determination, discipline, initiative, and of course time and effort.

Although I may put it across that affiliate marketing is a hard work, but you can be sure that once you pay the price, you will definitely reap multiple rewards in the long run.

optimizing your site for affiliate marketing

Why does search engine optimization helps you in achieving affiliate marketing success? Before we discuss this topic, let me explain briefly to you what is search engine optimization.

Search engine optimization is a process of choosing appropriate and targeted keyword phrases that are related to your website, and ensuring that these keyword phrases achieve high organic listings in search engines. High ranking in organic listings of major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN will bring a lot of targeted traffic to your website when people search for the keywords that you have optimized. This will in turn drives more targeted and eager traffic to your affiliate product sales page.

As you are in the affiliate marketing business, it is always a good practice to develop your own landing page to promote an affiliate product. Some people call it "squeeze page", whereby you will capture their email address and name for future promotion. Be it a landing page or squeeze page, you will need to apply search engine optimization on it. This is to ensure that it appears at the top of search listings when someone searches keywords that are related to the product that you promote.

One very important thing you must note is that people searching for the affiliate product that you promote want information. Therefore, it is always a good idea to entice them with some free information on your landing page, either through your own website or blog, articles, or squidoo lens. If you have a landing page with information, do make sure that you update the content regularly. Sites which provide content that are interesting, well-written and regularly updated create highly engaged visitors who are more likely to return to the website in the coming days. Moreover, with fresh content, you will score well with search engines and able to be rewarded with good organic rankings for your webpages.

To successfully ensure that your webpage ranks well for the keyword that you wish to optimize, you need to include keyword phrases within your content. One thing to note is not to overdo it. By "stuffing" lots of keywords within your content, you may get penalized by search engines and lose your chance to achieve good organic ranking.

One technique I love to use is to write articles to promote affiliate products. For each article that I write, I will make sure it is keyword optimized, and stand a chance to rank high for a particular niche keyword in search engines. Then through my article, it will drive traffic to my landing pages, and in turn bring visitors to the sales page of the affiliate products that I promote. This is a combination of search engine optimization and article marketing to achieve affiliate marketing success.